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April 25 2012

The Creature From the Black Lagoon invades Game Galaxy Arcade!

The Creature From the Black Lagoon pinball is now at Game Galaxy Arcade! Come on out and give it a spin, just .50 cents per play!

April 14 2012

New games at Game Galaxy Arcade April 14th!

New Game Alert!

Game galaxy now has 3 new games to play! First, the awesome Radical pinball by Bally, a very awesome skateboarding-themed pin set at .50 cents a play. RADICAL! Next, the classic side scrolling Shinobi! For .25 cents you too can be a ninja (until the throwing stars start flying and you make that panic jump we all know and love into death spikes!). Last but not least, we have a real treat! We now have a cabinet for arcade classic “The Outfoxies”, an amazing 2 player, 2D deathmatch game. Choose from 7 outrageous assassins (example: a gorilla wearing a top hat, an elderly man in a wheelchair, or a monster of a man that flails his arms when he runs away, etc) and take out your opponent “By any means”. The Outfoxies is set to .25 cents per play. Come on out to Game Galaxy today and have at these awesome games! If you’d like to see more of The Outfoxies, click below for a a nice gameplay video.

The Outfoxies Gameplay

October 01 2011

Game Galaxy opens Retro Arcade Museum at Hickory Hollow Mall!!

Just a little information about our little Retro Museum FINALLY opening…this is in addition to the 120 game arcade that already is open in the mall; this is a once a month museum $10 free play free-for all!

Game Galaxy Arcade has decided to open up its retro arcade museum in space #2075 at Hickory Hollow Mall one Saturday of each month in 2011. The grand opening of the museum will be Saturday, Oct 29. Hours of operation will be from 10am to 9pm. Future dates will be Saturday, November 26, and Saturday December 17. If there is enough interest, the Retro Arcade Museum will be open the last Saturday of each month in 2012 but only if we get your support! With a $10 admission fee the 50+ retro arcade and pinball machines are for everyone’s enjoyment all on Free Play! The $10 cover charge also allows you entry into the many fighting game console tournaments that will be going on simultaneously in games such as Blazblue Continuum Shift, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, the Super Smash Bros series, and many, many more!

It is important that new generations recognize the history of coin-operated entertainment and with this special event each month, you will have the opportunity to play various arcade rarities such as Zwackery, I, Robot, and Journey, alongside tried and true classics such as Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Donkey Kong. For a full list of games (some which are not on location ANYWHERE in the world), please contact the store at 615-731-1500.

September 24 2011

Tron: Legacy pinball now available for play at Game Galaxy Arcade inside Hickory Hollow Mall!!

Game Galaxy Arcade in Antioch now has the new Tron: Legacy pinball available for play! .50 cents is all that stands between you and this incredible pinball, filled with all the sights and sounds from the movie! We are proud to be the ONLY place in the state of Tennessee to have this game available to the public to play. Come and check us out!!!

December 19 2010


The wait is over! Super Street Fighter 4 ARCADE EDITION will be arriving at Game Galaxy Arcade TOMORROW, December 20th! The game will be available for play after 5PM tomorrow, and will be 75 cents per play. Come on out and be one of the first in America to get your hands on the new characters, fight the new bosses, and meet some of our local and not-so-local players! Any questions or comments, feel free to contact us!

December 04 2010

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition availability and upcoming “special” tournament announced!!

It’s about that time here in Antioch. TN! Super Street Fighter 4 ARCADE EDITION will be at the arcade and ready to play by December 21st. You’ll be able to play new characters, fight new bosses, use new special moves, and best of all meet some of our local players! The game will be displayed on 2 arcade cabinets, each with a one player panel for extra room and comfort! The pay rates for the game will be:

  • 75 cents per play, or
  • $10 an hour or $20 for ALL DAY play! (minimum of 8 players required for all day rates)

Game Galaxy will also be hosting a special tournament that same week for the game, and the 1st place winner will receive 2 entire weeks of free play on the cabinets. That’s right, 2 WEEKS!!

So make your plans now to come down and see us! Feel free to contact us through the site with any questions.

December 04 2010

New game added to the arcade: SINISTAR!!

Classic game ‘Sinistar’ is now available for play in the arcade! 25 cents per play, come on out and re-live the great old days with this great game!

September 29 2010

Super Street Fighter 4 ARCADE EDITION coming to Game Galaxy Arcade this Christmas!!!

That’s right! Game Galaxy Arcade will have Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition ready for play before Christmas! The Arcade Edition contains many updates to the already popular home console version, and along with the inclusion of Yun and Yang from Street Fighter III as playable characters, several characters have received various tweaks, ranging from character balancing to new EX moves.  Come out this holiday season and give it a go!

June 18 2010

JOURNEY Arcade Cabinet now at Game Galaxy!!

Come and play this classic, very hard to find game at Game Galaxy, only $0.25 cents a play! Come see us!

May 21 2010

New games at Game Galaxy on May 21st, 2010!

Game Galaxy is proud to be the new home for these great classic arcade games! Click any of the game names to view more information on the game:

Come on down and give these classic games a spin for only $ .25 cents per play (Discs of Tron is $.50)!