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May 08 2011

Goodbye Shawn Brodown tournament results for May 7th!

We had an outstanding turnout yesterday! The results from our tournies were as follows:

Mortal Kombat (17 entries)

  • 1st – Cody (Kung Lao)
  • 2nd – Jacob Ford (Raiden)
  • 3rd – Bishop (Smoke, Jax)
  • 4th – Richard (Smoke, Raiden, Kabal)
  • 5th(tie) – Andrew Smith (Ermac)
  • 5th(tie) – Cale (Raiden)

Tekken 6 (7 entries)

  • 1st – Cody (Lars, Kazuya)
  • 2nd – Jio (Xiayou)
  • 3rd – Trung (Steve Fox)
Super Street Fighter 4 Singles (23 Entires)
  • 1st – Wootsick (Bison)
  • 2nd – Josh (Rufus)
  • 3rd – Chris Brown (Bison)
  • 4th – Jacob Sparks (Ryu)
  • 5th(tie) – Jacob Ford (Dudley)
  • 5th(tie) – Shawn (Dhalsim)
Super Street Fighter 4 Teams (7 Teams of 2, 14 total entries)

  • 1st – Team Teamname (Wootsick and Josh)
  • 2nd – Team Classic Sex (Arson and Charlie)
  • 3rd – Team Whatever (Zack and Aaron)
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (34 ENTRIES!)
  • 1st – U r Bacon
  • 2nd – Shin-Blade
  • 3rd – TRUNG
  • 4th – Jacob Sparks
  • 5th(tie) –  Mike
  • 5th(tie) – Patrick

Thanks again for coming out yesterday guys, we all had a fun time and are looking forward to seeing you all at our next tournament! Don’t forget, MWC will be here very soon and it will be one event you will NOT want to miss!

January 30 2011

Results for our Arcade Edition tournament on 1/29/2011!!

There were 20 players for our SSF4AE tournament on Saturday, the top 5 results were:

1. Jacob Sparks (Sakura/Ryu)
2. Negro Justice (Bison/Cody)
3. Sara (Guile)
4. Spiralbottom (T.Hawk)
5 (tie) Mac (Adon)
5 (tie) Boom Cube (Makoto)

Thanks again for coming out guys, and be on the lookout for our next tournament announcement soon!

September 20 2010

Results for the Cash 4 Games tournament on Sept. 11!

Congratulations to Shawn McCool from Nashville, TN for winning the Cash 4 Games ranbat in Smyrna TN! Shawn was the recipient of the $200 prize for 1st place. Thanks for coming out and supporting the scene, and we keep an eye out for our next tournament announcement soon!

August 23 2010

Current Middle TN SSF4 top 10 standings UPDATED 8/23!

The current standings of Middle TN’s top 10 players in SSF4 are:

1. Shawn (previous 3, defeated Max 5-3)
2. Max (previous 1, lost to Shawn 5-3)
3. Josh (previous 2 Forfeit Week #1 to Shawn)
4. Patrick (previous 6, defeated Eddie 5-2)
5. Eugene (previous 4, Forfeit Week #1 to Patrick)
6. Eddie (previous 5, lost to Patrick 5-2)
7. Chris Brown (previous unranked, defeated Fenix 5-0, defeated Phil 5-4) (Defeated Jacob Sparks 5-2 8/21)
8. Jacob Sparks (previous 7)
9. Andrew (previous 8 )
10. Phil (previous 9, lost to Chris Brown 5-4) (defeated unranked Alex 5-0, defeated unranked Fenix 5-0)

Our next scheduled “Fight Night” is scheduled for Thursday the 26th at:

Game Galaxy
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway #2005
Hickory Hollow Mall
Antioch, TN 37013

August 23 2010

Results from our RANBAT/ranking battle on August 14th!

We had 12 participants in the Super Street Fighter 4 RANBAT, the top 3 were as follows:

1 Josh (RagingravenSRK)
2 Jacob Sparks (lolpenguinlol)
3 Shawn McCool
There were 16 participants in the Middle TN initial ranking battle,  the initial  top 10 based on number of wins are:
1 Max
2 Josh
3 Shawn
4 Eugene
5 Eddie
6 Patrick
7 Jacob
8 Andrew
9 Phil
10 Richard
Thanks for coming out and supporting the scene guys, look for these ranks to change up very soon as the competition heats up!

July 27 2010

Results from the SBO Qualifiers on July 24th!

Super Turbo 1st Tournament Champion (Biran Su, Maryland, Vega) d Damdai
Super Turbo 2nd Tournament Champion (John Rambo, Connecticut, Dhalsim) d Damdai
Super Turbo 3rd Tournament Champion (Damdai, New York City, Ryu) d DSP

This is your official US Super Turbo Toukegi 2010 Super Battle Opera Qualifying Team.

1st Alternate-DSP
2nd Alternate-Chris Doyle
3rd emergency alternate-NKI

Super Street Fighter IV Results (47 entrants)
1 Damdai (New York)
3 Josh Spoon “ragingravensrk”
4 Isaac (Houston, TX)

Tekken 6
1st – Shin Blade
2nd – Ian
3rd – Dimo

Super Street Fighter IV Team Tournament
1st – Team Dream used Dan so Tennessee would have a chance and Damdai still beat everyone (Damdai/DreamTR) (Ryu/Dan)
2nd – Team Blacks on Fire (Jacob Ford/Doom) (Dudley/Ken)
3rd – Team Plinko (Wootsick/Josh) (Bison/Rufus)

Thanks to everyone who made it out for the trip and helped out, It was a fun day and we enjoyed seeing new and seasoned players alike! Check back for our announcement for the next tournament.

July 05 2010

Results for our July 3rd tournament!

We had 26 entrants for our SSF4 singles tournament, the top 4 places went to:

  1. Shawn McCool (Dhalsim)
  2. Tim/Wootsick (Bison)
  3. Thomas/Spiralbottom (Bison)
  4. Chris Brown (Bison)

We had 8 Teams for our SSF4 doubles tournament, the top 4 teams were:

  1. Negro Revolution
  2. Team Shenanigans
  3. The Greater Wall and the Worstiest Thirstiest
  4. Team Who S— In the Shower

We had 17 entrants for the free Super Turbo tournament, top 2 spots were:

  1. Jacob/Shenglongabuser (Bison)
  2. Thomas/Spiralbottom (Bison/Ken)

Thanks for coming out and joining us! We look forward to seeing you all on the 24th for the SBO National Super Turbo Qualifiers. We will be having a Tekken 6 and SSF4 tournament the same day,  it’s going to be a HUGE event you will not want to miss!

June 25 2010

Results for our tournament on June 19th!

Thanks for coming out and supporting the scene, guys! Our results are as follows:

SSF4 Singles I (14 entrants)
1. Josh “ragingravensrk” Spoon -Rufus
2. 300 LB Eugene-Fei Long/Balrog
3. Jacob Ford-Dudley

SSF4 Singles II (14 entrants)
1. Jacob Ford-Dudley
2. Max-Ken/Dudley
3. Josh-Rufus

SSF4 Doubles (5 teams)
1st-Josh/Shawn (Team Battlestream)

ST Singles-14 entrants
1st-Paul (E. Honda)
2nd-Eugene (Vega/Random)

Congratulations to our winners! We look forward to seeing you all again next time. Be on the lookout for the next tournament announcement!

June 14 2010

Tournament Results for POOLBRAWL!!!

We had a great turnout, with 23 people entered for SSF4 SIngles:

1st-Negro Justice (Bison)
2nd-300 LB Eugene (Fei Long)
3rd-Shenglongabuser (Dudley)
4th-Shawn McCool (Dhalsim)
5th (tie) Max (Dudley)
5th (tie) Phil KrazyKorean (CHun-Li, Ryu, Honda)

Also, 8 teams entered for SSF4 Doubles-
1st-Soldiers of Love (Shawn/Eugene)

Thanks for coming out and congratulations to our winners! Be on the lookout for our next tournament announcement.

May 23 2010

Results for our tournament on May 22nd, 2010!

We had 26 people for our singles Super Street Fighter 4 tournament, The top 4 spots went to:

  1. Shawn (ShawnMcCool) – Dhalsim
  2. Eugene (300-lb-Eugene) – Fei Long/El Fuerte
  3. Charlie (Charlie2EZ) – Guile
  4. Chris (Negro Justice) – Bison

There were 9 teams in the Super Street Fighter 4 team tournament, the top 4 teams were:

  1. Team Shawn and Jacob
  2. Team East Coast (Cale and Thomas)
  3. Team F**k, it I don’t know (Mario and Kodee)
  4. The Kinsmen (Charlie and Cody C.)

There weren’t enough players for a Tekken 6 tournament unfortunately, but be on the lookout for our announcement on the next upcoming tournament! Thanks to all the players for coming out and supporting the scene, and to all of the people that were watching on our live stream!