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September 10 2012

September Pinball League current standings!

Congratulations to Rob for taking 1st place this past week!

Here are your current league standings for our September pinball league so far:

  1. Rob – 19 points
  2. Erik – 18 points
  3. Kevin – 15 points
  4. Matt – 14 points
  5. Mike – 14 points
  6. Richard – 14 points
  7. MWC – 8 points
  8. Jay – 6 points

We look forward to seeing you guys next Sunday for our next tournament!

April 25 2012

Results for our 1st ever pinball tournament from April 21st!

Thanks to everyone who attended the pinball tournament! We had a great turnout and congrats to Richard from Memphis who took 1st! Clint, Erik, and Peter from Buffalo rounded out the top 4.  Keep an eye out, we might be announcing another one soon!

January 11 2012

Results from our tournament on January 7th, 2012!!

We had a great turnout this past week! The top results from the tournament are as follows:

Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012(35 Entries!):

  1. Druwcef
  2. RagingRaven
  3. SolidXPanda

King of Fighters XIII (22 Entries!):

  1. YK
  2. ShinBlade
  3. Lil Majin

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (37 Entries!):

  1. Astaroth
  2. Some Brown Kid
  3. FR Toomuchdamage

Thanks for coming out and supporting the scene, and be on the lookout for an announcement for our next tournament on the 28th!

August 21 2011

Results from our August 20th tourney at Game Galaxy Arcade in Madison!

Results from our tournament day yesterday!


  1. kimJONGph1r
  2. Negro Justice
  3. Boom Cube


  1. lolpenguinlol
  2. kimJONGph1r
  3. Negro Justice


  1. Boom Cube
  2. Doromac
  3. lolpenguinlol

Thanks for coming out and supporting the place guys and as always, keep an eye out for our next tourney announcement!


August 07 2011

Results from our July 16th tournament!

Thanks for coming out and supporting the scene guys, it was a fun day and we enjoyed seeing you all there! Here are the top results from the each of the tournaments:

SFAE Results

3rd Strike Results
2nd Eugene

MVC3 Results

Thanks again guys, and be on the lookout for an announcement for our next tourney.