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May 10 2010

Results for our May 8th Tournaments!

We had a great turnout this past weekend for both Super Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6! The top 3 players in each game were as follows;

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles (36 entrants!):

  1. ShawnMcCool (Dhalsim)
  2. Majin (Zangief)
  3. Q (Balrog)

Super Street Fighter 4 Doubles (13 teams of 2 each):

  1. Team Negro Justice and A Pimp Named Buford (Chris and Eddie)
  2. Team Booty Sweat and Bust a Nut (Jacob and Charlie)
  3. Team Bacon Fat and The Return of the Killer Gazeebo (Josh and Kris)

Tekken 6 Singles (13 entrants):

  1. Majin (King)
  2. Shinblade (Steve Fox)
  3. Bishop (Miguel)

Congratulations to our winners, and as always, thanks for coming out and playing guys! Be on the lookout for our announcement for the next tournament date soon!

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