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June 25 2010

Results for our tournament on June 19th!

Thanks for coming out and supporting the scene, guys! Our results are as follows:

SSF4 Singles I (14 entrants)
1. Josh “ragingravensrk” Spoon -Rufus
2. 300 LB Eugene-Fei Long/Balrog
3. Jacob Ford-Dudley

SSF4 Singles II (14 entrants)
1. Jacob Ford-Dudley
2. Max-Ken/Dudley
3. Josh-Rufus

SSF4 Doubles (5 teams)
1st-Josh/Shawn (Team Battlestream)

ST Singles-14 entrants
1st-Paul (E. Honda)
2nd-Eugene (Vega/Random)

Congratulations to our winners! We look forward to seeing you all again next time. Be on the lookout for the next tournament announcement!

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