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May 23 2010

Results for our tournament on May 22nd, 2010!

We had 26 people for our singles Super Street Fighter 4 tournament, The top 4 spots went to:

  1. Shawn (ShawnMcCool) – Dhalsim
  2. Eugene (300-lb-Eugene) – Fei Long/El Fuerte
  3. Charlie (Charlie2EZ) – Guile
  4. Chris (Negro Justice) – Bison

There were 9 teams in the Super Street Fighter 4 team tournament, the top 4 teams were:

  1. Team Shawn and Jacob
  2. Team East Coast (Cale and Thomas)
  3. Team F**k, it I don’t know (Mario and Kodee)
  4. The Kinsmen (Charlie and Cody C.)

There weren’t enough players for a Tekken 6 tournament unfortunately, but be on the lookout for our announcement on the next upcoming tournament! Thanks to all the players for coming out and supporting the scene, and to all of the people that were watching on our live stream!


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