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July 27 2010

Results from the SBO Qualifiers on July 24th!

Super Turbo 1st Tournament Champion (Biran Su, Maryland, Vega) d Damdai
Super Turbo 2nd Tournament Champion (John Rambo, Connecticut, Dhalsim) d Damdai
Super Turbo 3rd Tournament Champion (Damdai, New York City, Ryu) d DSP

This is your official US Super Turbo Toukegi 2010 Super Battle Opera Qualifying Team.

1st Alternate-DSP
2nd Alternate-Chris Doyle
3rd emergency alternate-NKI

Super Street Fighter IV Results (47 entrants)
1 Damdai (New York)
3 Josh Spoon “ragingravensrk”
4 Isaac (Houston, TX)

Tekken 6
1st – Shin Blade
2nd – Ian
3rd – Dimo

Super Street Fighter IV Team Tournament
1st – Team Dream used Dan so Tennessee would have a chance and Damdai still beat everyone (Damdai/DreamTR) (Ryu/Dan)
2nd – Team Blacks on Fire (Jacob Ford/Doom) (Dudley/Ken)
3rd – Team Plinko (Wootsick/Josh) (Bison/Rufus)

Thanks to everyone who made it out for the trip and helped out, It was a fun day and we enjoyed seeing new and seasoned players alike! Check back for our announcement for the next tournament.


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