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April 25 2012

2012 Midwest Championships to return to Game Galaxy Arcade, June 22nd-24th!

In its 19th year, MWC 2012 is bigger and better than ever! Part of the EVO series for a 4th year!

$25 cover charge for your first tournament. $10 per tournament entry fee EXCEPT for Super Turbo which is $20 to enter.

Your tournament crew:
Jason “DreamTR” Wilson
Richard “SlowJamzMixTape” Smith
Chris “Negro Justice” Brown
Brandon “GoldenOreos” Brocius
Jonathan “Milln” Conaway

Your tournament security
“Beat-em-up” (6’2, 400 pounds)

Game Galaxy (actual tournaments will be held in a location nearby)
Hickory Hollow Mall
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway
Antioch, TN 37013
(615) 731-1500


Please note the ONLY items allowed for use in the tournament are unmodified pads and standard joysticks. The MK2 and UMK3 and ST arcade tournaments will only be played on the standard arcade equipment. Hitboxes, or “stickless sticks” which use buttons for movement WILL be allowed in this tourney. Turbo is not allowed in any tournament. If you have a question about a specific stick/pad to use, please contact us.

You must be on time. If you are not on time and REGISTERED before each tournament and want to enter late you will be charged an additional $10 IF we have room to place you in the bracket. Arriving late? Have friends SIGN YOU UP and PAY FOR YOUR ENTRY FEES/COVER CHARGES.

70-20-10 split for Top 3 spots in all games EXCEPT Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Mortal Kombat 2, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

Special RULES for Super Turbo ONLY:

Rules: 3/5 throughout the tournament, 4/7 grand finals, double elimination.
Format: Japanese cabinet
US board: on Free Select speed in service menu, players must pick Turbo 2 in-game every single match.
Payout: 65% (1st) 10% (2nd) 5% (3rd) and 20% is set aside for the EVO Main Event pot.

Winner is rewarded with one of 32 slots in the EVO Tournament of Legends, taking place the weekend of July 7, fighting for a pot of ~$3,000.
Important NOTE: If 1st place has previously been awarded a qualifier spot, 2nd place will get the EVO spot (but NOT the 1st-place prize money, which stays with the winner).

Friday June 22, 2012
12pm-Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)
3pm-King of Fighters XIII (360)
3pm- Arcade Mortal Kombat 2 (Limited to 1st 16 entrants, winner take all)
5pm-Arcade Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Limited to 1st 16 entrants, winner take all)
7pm-Arcade Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Special EVO Top 32 Qualifier only!)

Saturday June 23, 2012
12pm-Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v 2012 (360)
3pm-Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (360)
6pm (Street Fighter X Tekken) (360)

Sunday June 24, 2012
1pm-Soul Calibur V (system TBA)
3pm-Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend (system TBA)
?-Mystery Tournament (time and game TBA)


Main Events:
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition v 2012
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
King of Fighters XIII
Street Fighter X Tekken
Soul Calibur V
Mortal Kombat 9

Side Tournaments:
Mortal Kombat II (arcade cabinet only, no pads or devices allowed)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (arcade cabinet only, no pads or devices allowed)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo (arcade cabinet only, no pads or devices allowed)
Mystery Tournament (Sunday)

Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Please feel free to contact us and ask.

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