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April 14 2012

New games at Game Galaxy Arcade April 14th!

New Game Alert!

Game galaxy now has 3 new games to play! First, the awesome Radical pinball by Bally, a very awesome skateboarding-themed pin set at .50 cents a play. RADICAL! Next, the classic side scrolling Shinobi! For .25 cents you too can be a ninja (until the throwing stars start flying and you make that panic jump we all know and love into death spikes!). Last but not least, we have a real treat! We now have a cabinet for arcade classic “The Outfoxies”, an amazing 2 player, 2D deathmatch game. Choose from 7 outrageous assassins (example: a gorilla wearing a top hat, an elderly man in a wheelchair, or a monster of a man that flails his arms when he runs away, etc) and take out your opponent “By any means”. The Outfoxies is set to .25 cents per play. Come on out to Game Galaxy today and have at these awesome games! If you’d like to see more of The Outfoxies, click below for a a nice gameplay video.

The Outfoxies Gameplay

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