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December 04 2010

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition availability and upcoming “special” tournament announced!!

It’s about that time here in Antioch. TN! Super Street Fighter 4 ARCADE EDITION will be at the arcade and ready to play by December 21st. You’ll be able to play new characters, fight new bosses, use new special moves, and best of all meet some of our local players! The game will be displayed on 2 arcade cabinets, each with a one player panel for extra room and comfort! The pay rates for the game will be:

  • 75 cents per play, or
  • $10 an hour or $20 for ALL DAY play! (minimum of 8 players required for all day rates)

Game Galaxy will also be hosting a special tournament that same week for the game, and the 1st place winner will receive 2 entire weeks of free play on the cabinets. That’s right, 2 WEEKS!!

So make your plans now to come down and see us! Feel free to contact us through the site with any questions.

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